Monday, April 23, 2007

HTML Code- Windmaker

WindMaker is an ambient weather widget that applies the current wind conditions to your Web site. First, it uses a United States ZIP Code to grab local conditions from the Yahoo Weather RSS feed. Second, it parses your Web site into individual pieces such as text blocks and images. Finally, WindMaker sets the pieces in motion according to the strength of the wind.

Blog Widget- ClustrMap

Locations of visitors to this page

The ClustrMap is a widget that is very useful. It shows where people that have visited your site live. This can be an encouragement to you because you can see that people are going to your site, even if they don't post.

Blog Widget- The Weather Pixie

The WeatherPixie

Weather Pixie is a widget that gives you information about the weather. There are many different boy or girl models to choose from. After going to the MY PIXIE tab and selecting the information you want, you need to click on the box on the right that say view html. Then you can paste the code into your sidebar.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blog Widget- Bart Simpson Chalkboard Generator

This widget is editable. (That means you can change what he writes.) It is practically impossible to make it small enough to fit on the side bar and still be legible, but you can make a post with it. I did have to change the size to make it fit. This widget was found at Widgetbox.

Warning, there are some adult content widgets on this site. Do not search the site, wait for me to post more good widgets, or have your parents look with you.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blog Widget- NetWeather

This post is a request from Jacob, but I must start off by saying you should probably be a little comfortable with html for this widget. I had trouble with AccuWeather's NetWeather widget. It doesn't seem to fit into my blog easily on the sidebar or, as you can see below, on a regular blog post. I had to change the size of the widget in the code to make it fit.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Blog Widget- Platial Mapkit

The Platial Mapkit is a very cool widget you can add to your site. It allows you to show an image of any place on the earth. You can use it to show places you have been to, or maybe places you want to go to. You can allow visitors to add there own "pins" to your map. I plan to create a Mapkit for the Noel History Club Site and add pins to the places we visit.

To see how powerful this widget can be, you should go to the website and browse the different maps that have been created. Your imagination is the only limit to this particularly powerful widget.

Blog Widget- Cluster Map

Cluster Map is a widget you can place on your website or blog that shows where visitors to your blog or site are from. To get the widget you have to be able to add html to your site. Basically you copy and paste some code from the Cluster Map site to your site. If you use Blogger for your site, you can add it to your side bar by going into the template tab and add a page element. You will find a page element that says this:

Add third-party functionality or other code to your blog.

Choose this element and simply copy and paste it onto the page. (Don't forget to save.)

What is neat about this widget is that it shows you where visitors come from even if they don't leave a comment, you still have a record of their visit.

Photo Sharing Sites-One True Media

One True Media could be the next big thing on my blogs. I just recently discovered the site. It allows you to make slide shows using photos and videos while allowing you to add captioning and music. I think it may take some time to put one of these slide shows together, it may be good to use if you have a lot of time to work with it. I will post more later after I have made a slide show with the site.

I have not found a way to search the site, but I would still treat the site as though there is inappropriate content.

Photo Sharing Sites-Photobucket

Photobucket is another photo sharing site. Although I have not used it, it does seem to have similar functions that you find in Slide. Something I do like about this site is that content is moderated. Although you can still find inappropriate pictures on it, if you try to search using the "typical" search terms, you will be directed to a page that tells you:

"Your search term probably relates to adult content. Photobucket "DOES NOT" host sexually explicit content.

Warning: If you are under 18 or live in an area where it is illegal for you to view explicit content try another search.


Continue your Photobucket search here"

Although it is a little more difficult, there are still inappropriate pictures to be found.

Word of Warning There are photos on the Photobucket site that are inappropriate for students. I recommend you use all photo sites as storage for your photos, not as places to browse.

Photo Sharing Sites-Slide

Slide is another photo sharing site I use. It allows you to create slide shows with different skins and effects. Remember, a little of this goes a long way on your site. You don't want too much flashing and sparkling. Save it for when you want to make a big impression.

Slide also allows you to skin videos form Youtube ,but this site is blocked at school and students won't be able to see the video from there.

Word of Warning There are photos on the Slide site that are inappropriate for students. I recommend you use all photo sites as storage for your photos, not as places to browse.

Photo Sharing Sites-Bubbleshare

Bubbleshare is a photo sharing site that allows you to display pictures as slide shows. It allows you to display these slide shows horizontally, vertically, and with a neat "bounce" feature. I have had luck changing the size of the slide show and that allows me to put the slide shows in places they would not otherwise fit.

Bubbleshare is a good site to do easy slide shows for your blog or website.

Word of Warning There are photos on the Bubbleshare site that are inappropriate for students. I recommend you use all photo sites as storage for your photos, not as places to browse.

Photo Sharing Sites-Flickr!

One of the best tools for a blog is a photo sharing site. I use several sites on my blogs. I also have one that I use as a photo blog, Flickr! Flickr! works very well with Blogger, my blog site of choice. If you have a Blogger site, it recognizes it and makes it easy to post. It also supports LiveJournal, WordPress, Vox, and several others.

Flickr! allows you to upload pictures one at a time through browsing your computer, or you can send a batch file if you have many pictures to send. Warning! I have not had any success using the batch file uploader.

Flickr! is a Google owned site, which reassures me that it will be around for a long time.

Word of Warning There are photos on the Flickr! site that are inappropriate for students. I recommend you use all photo sites as storage for your photos, not as places to browse.

Blog Sites

Although there are many blogging sites, I chose Blogger. Blogger is easy to use, has several templates to choose from, and is very customizable. The ease at which I can add or delete content makes it a perfect choice for me.

Other blogging sites that I have explored are: Vox, Wordpress, and LiveJournal. I would suggest that you sign up for several and see which one you like the best.